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We have a passion for helping animals in need. For every order placed on our website, we donate £1 to Battersea Rescue in London. Animal shelters are vital to rescuing neglected pets and animals, but they often operate with limited resources. One of the best ways you can help rescue dogs is to make a donation. Battersea staff go the extra mile, every day, for rescues - so we want to help support them. 



We are committed to reducing our carbon footprint. We acknowledge that the pet accessories industry is always going to have an impact on the environment and know that our business activity is part of the problem, but we are working hard to reduce our impact as much as possible. We make sure our packaging choices and daily habits reflect these values. We avoid using any plastic packaging for our items and use only recycled and compostable mailers for delivery. We also attach any tags and labels using cotton instead of plastic.


Being an e-commerce business allows us to have a better insight into our audience’s preferences, which leads to better stock management. The small scale production of our items means we can make sure we sell through all our stock and don't contribute to unnecessary textile waste and carbon emissions.


We design genderless, tasteful and high quality apparel that will last. If you no longer wear an item we encourage you to pass it on to another pup and give it another life. As we are working towards a zero waste policy we won't waste the pieces that don't pass our quality control standards, but will sell them for a reduced price or upcycle the material.

To offer complimentary treats with each purchase we have partnered with Brewbix who support the circular economy by turning waste into a new product.


Finally, we will plant a tree through MoreTrees for every order placed with us, in an effort to make a positive impact on the environment.

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