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Don't worry if your harness is covered in mud and completely unrecognisable. In fact we would encourage you to try and get it as dirty as you can, as that is the true sign of a great adventure and a good time. The harnesses, collars and leads are easy to wash and will quickly look as good as new. And here's how:

Clothes Line


If your products are covered in wet mud, rather than trying to wash it off, allow the mud to dry completely first. When the mud is completely dry, brush away any excess mud. Then soak it in cold or lukewarm water and rub some washing up liquid on to the dirty spots. It helps to rub bits of the fabric together to get tougher stains out. You can also use a brush if the dirt is stubborn. Leave to soak for a little while. Then rinse it off, wring it out and hang to dry.

Or stick it in the washing machine

If it's not completely clean after soaking, then stick it in the washing machine at 30 degrees. If the items are really dirty, then you can also use stain remover.

Once out of the washing machine, you can just hang them out to dry. DO NOT tumble dry!

...Now take your pup out and get it dirty again!

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